Creating a Robot to Make Toast with Lego Mindstorm

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A robot that uses a toaster to make toast, butters it with spray butter and makes a CD

player play the song "Yeah Toast" would be both useful and entertaining. Using the Lego

Mindstorms and MAC NQC to program them such a robot could be possible. Using the

suggested design and programs for the Roboarm in the Definitive Guide to Lego

Mindstorms as a starting point I built the robot and modified it for the toaster. During

testing of the motors, it was discovered that Toast-O-Bot is not strong enough to press the

button on the toaster. Even after toaster modification it was still unable to press the button.

The Toast-O-Bot only moves the bread from location to location, so a user is required to

press the button on the toaster.


People with disabilities use many devices today to ease their lives and help with

every day tasks. This may include simplified processes, service animals or small machines

or robots that perform small tasks for any user; young, old, disabled, or able bodied. There

are devices to change TV channels, open doors, turn lights on and off, and now a robot to

make toast for them.

Ever since the discovery of toast man has looked for a way to make toasting easier,

beginning with the primitive toaster, and progressing to the modern pop toaster. The

primitive toaster was made of iron and placed in hot coals. In 1909, G.E. introduced and

patented the electric toaster. The pop toaster, introduced in 1919, has been modified by

many people to develop the modern pop toaster. Toaster ovens, though not as common, are

also used to make toast. The hope is to further ease the work that goes into the making of

toast by creating a robot that can use a toaster to make toast.

The robot will have a claw arm to pick up the bread and place it in the toaster. It will

also have an arm to press the button on the toaster and on the spray butter. There will be a

touch sensor at the bottom of the button track and when it equals zero the robot will

remove the toast to butter it. After buttering the toast, it will then place it on a plate for the

user to enjoy. It may also press play on something to play the 'Yeah Toast' song from the

Bob and Tom Show.


ý LEGO pieces need for the Roboarm from page 313 in the Definitive Guide to Lego


ý Various decorative things

ý A way to raise the base to the height of the toaster
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