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The Urge to Kill: Development of a Murderer The majority of society would consider a psychopath as a criminal, but not all psychopaths are criminals (Brogaard, 2012, para. 5). Psychopathic traits could exist since the University of Wisconsin scanned the brains of psychopaths that committed crime and all had similarities, their brains had a lack of negativity stimuli (Brogaard, 2012, para. 3). But murderers are not considered psychopaths they are just murderers, they just have traits of a psychopath. They manipulate with people, they make others think that they are normal (Woollaston, 2015, para. 51). There is always a cause to a situation, so what is the cause for a murderer to kill a person? Although killing a person is very cruel, the …show more content…

Serial killers are known to manipulate people with their feelings (Woollaston, 2015, para. 13). They know how to do this so well because their emotions have been triggered, so they know the feeling. Growing up with bad role models, they led themselves to that way of life. Psychopaths who commit murder have no remorse for their victims (Woollaston, 2015, para. 57). They have no emotions because they were raised without the right emotions. While they are adults, some commit murder to get a desire they never got. A serial killer, Ed Gein, harmed girls to get their body parts so he could use them for a sex change or according to Brogaard he did it to replicate his mother (Brogaard, 2012, para. 11). So as adults, they finally get the thrill to commit murder to get what they always wanted; attention from …show more content…

There are some murderers who had no trouble with their family (Brogaard, 2012, para. 8). They have a bad damage in their brain, which causes a mental issue. So a person cannot be blamed for what their body decides to do. There are psychotic diseases like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (Brogaard, 2012, para. 12). Some murderers harm others because they cannot control themselves. Which leads to saying some of these murderers or serial killers have a mental illness.
The beginning of a person’s life will reflect towards their future. Their childhood being chaotic, not getting the right attention for a child. It leads to having a desire that has not been sparked causing them to seek it out on others. As adults everything is “controllable”, now they get to do what they want, according to them. They could have been stopped when they were young if they got the right help. There would have been a lot of lives that could have been saved. There are a lot of reasons for a person to be a murderer or a serial

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