The Role Of A Serial Killer

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The general profile for a serial killer is an intelligent white male in their mid to late 20’s and 30’s. Many serial killers begin their life with an unstable childhood. The lack of loving and nurturing relationships plays a large role in this. Physical and emotional abuse during childhood is a common trend for children who grow up to be serial killers. Abusing animals, bedwetting into a late age, and exposure to alcohol/substance abuse are also common in a serial killer’s childhood. Not all serial killers are the same, one type of serial killer is a visionary killer. These people are psychotic (schizophrenia and paranoia) and believe they are being told to kill by a greater force such as God. Mission oriented killers believe they are doing…show more content…
Raine states: “ So, in the 1950s, little toddlers were playing outside, putting their fingers in dirt, putting their fingers in their mouths and absorbing the lead. Twenty years later, they became the next generation of violent criminal offenders because violence peaks at about 19 or 20. Then what happens is in the 1990s violence begins to come down, as it's been doing. What's partly explaining that? The reduction in lead in the environment (Raine, NPR).” This shows a biological connection to serial killer behavior. Temporal lobe or amygdala damage can show signs of psychopathy, which can lead to serial killer behavior (Kiehl, Bates, Laurens, Hare, & Liddle, 2006). Violent behavior has also been linked to deficiency in serotonin and high level of testosterone. Growing up in an unhealthy environment is also common in most serial killers. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, and mental abuse in a childhood home breeds serial killers. If someone grows up witnessing violence, it ingrains in their minds that violent behavior is okay. Before a serial killer commits a crime, they may be quiet, reserved, and keep to himself. In this stage, they are usually going on with their regular lifestyle. After a crime, they may taunt the media/police with notes and clues, as well as go on a killing spree. This is because some killers become obsessed with the urge to kill. Some may go as far as contacting the victim’s family. A fantasy is an elaborate…show more content…
After his name came up linked to a crime in 1984, he was placed on surveillance. On November 20th he was arrested, but refused to confess to authorities about the killings when he was caught. It wasn’t until the police decided to set him up with a psychiatrist, where he finally opened up about (and described) the 56 murders he committed. The information was used to prove where some of the bodies were located. Andrei confessed to 56 murders. Andrei Chikatilo was found guilty of 52 counts of murder, and sentenced to death for each of the murders (Blanco, Murderpedia). This is equivalent to 52 death sentences. Evidence used in the trial included a grey hair found on one of the victims, AB blood type found from a semen sample, eyewitness reports of what he looked like around train stations, and most sufficient: a bitemark on Andrei’s finger that matched a 16 year old victim. Another piece of evidence used was knives found in his briefcase when he was taken into custody. Andrei Chikatilo died on February 14th, 1994, by a gunshot to the back of his neck since he was faced with the death
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