Crazy Horse Character Traits

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Crazy Horse During the time where the government was continuously suppressing the Native Americans, one man in particular seemed to stand up with great strength for the rights of his people. Going by the name of Crazy Horse, he was born around 1840, the time that the Lakota were at the height of their power. As time went on, a change began to occur in the once thriving land. The white settlers began to move to the west pushing for more land and gold. Still a kid, Crazy Horse was a bit distant from the rest of his people as his physical characteristics were not of the common people. Despite his characteristics, Crazy Horse soon learned, as well as many others, that the whites could not be trusted. This came through the Grattan Massacre, which was the beginning to the First Sioux War(Crazy Horse). Time after time, Crazy Horse leaned on the help of his people to defend the lands which they had had previously when he was a child. …show more content…

In contrast to the white settlers, the society that Crazy Horse associated himself with was his tribe and his people. They only wanted to restore their lands to what they had previously when he was a kid. This influenced Crazy Horse because this was the reason he was fighting on the battlefield.
Transcendentalists believe that there is corruption in the world and that you should be self reliant rather than to rely on others. Crazy Horse had different beliefs on how to avoid the corruption. Instead of being an individualistic person, he relied on the help of others such as his warriors and his people to help rid the land of the white settlers influence. The beliefs of Crazy Horse were similar to Transcendentalists because they both see corruption and bad things that were happening in the world. They both try to fight for the right of the people and help bring goodness to the

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