Care Ethicist and Virtue Theorist

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Care Ethicist and Virtue Theorist

In my film analysis I will be discussing some of the fourteen principles of a satisfactory moral system and a good ethical decision. I will also discuss how some of the characters use the theory of care ethicist (care ethicist is to treat others as a human being fairly or equally) and virtue theorist (virtue theorist is doing the hard thing). My movie analysis is on John Q.

John Q. Archibald (care ethicists) is an ordinary man who works at a factory and takes care of his family. His wife Denise and young son Michael are his world. But when Michael falls seriously ill and needs an emergency heart transplant operation that cost $250,000. John can’t afford the money, but vows to take the initiative to do anything in coming up with money by selling all his personal belonging. John and Denise (wife) then goes to numerous health clinics to receive aid, but were denied because John was over qualified. As result of John not receiving any medical insurance John goes to his boss and ask for the complete insurance coverage, but was also denied because John’s boss cut John’s hours to part-time. John was devastated; he was devastated because his boss cut his hours and didn’t even let him know. As a result of John not coming up with the complete amount of the transplant the doctors will not perform the surgery. John can’t believe that his son ( Michael who John has a proper relation to the cosmos and the greater scheme of the web of life by John already living his life and wanting his son to fulfill his life. John doesn’t care about anything else other than his son fulfilling his life.) is about to die and the doctors are not taking in consideration that John has some of the money, but not all and they still can’t perform the transplant. John says, “All his life, he has tried to do the right thing.” John feels the doctors don’t treat the people as they deserve. He feels they can do a better job in letting the community know about the different health plans, they can let the public know that HMO (medical coverage) is suited to pay there doctors not to test, because it would bring the cost down. As a result of there doctors not testing; the HMO give the doctors a big bonus at the end of the year. All John would have liked was for his boss and the people at the hospital to explain the different medical care services they ha...

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...y could not be performing because of money. He was overcome with the situation again when John proposed to give half of the money so the surgery could perform. Dr. Truner was again had to break the bad news when John was willing to commit suicide and Dr. Truner still refuses to do the surgey. He was dealt with the hardest decision to make, because here is had a father who is willing to kill himself because of hospital policies and money that he can’t help this family.

Dr. Truner actions could have been handling differently. His approach to the Archibald family could have been more sympathetic. Dr. Truner could have put up a fight with hospital administrators and the board of trustees to see what other options they could have proposed to the family.

This movie enlightened me because in learning the different ethicists. I was able to see how a care ethicist and virtue theorist acts. It was a very emotional movie. This showed me the different medical plans they have available. What do their plans offer to me; if I am ever put in situation like John Q.? I have to know what medical plan I have to have; God forbid anything every happened to me or my family we can be covered.
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