Cosmic Analysis Essay

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CHAPTER #4: ANSWERS ON DEEP HUMAN INTEREST RIDDLES! • What is Origin of The Principle of ‘Good’ & ‘Evil’ and Why Will Always Be? • What is ‘COSMIC IGNORANCE’? • Do we have a ‘FREE WILL’… and IF WE DO, What is The Origin of ‘FREE WILL’? • What are and what causes The ‘PANGS OF CONSCIENCE’? • What is the origin of ‘Sympathy’ and ‘Antipathy’ & How and Why to Overcome It? • What are The ‘COSMIC GLIMPSES’? • Why Martinus (Re) Gained ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ Exactly at the Age of Thirty & Deeper Cosmic Explanation of Who WE ARE, and of Young Age Behavior? • The ‘Cosmic Analysis’ of Our RELATIONSHIP TOWARDS WORK? • What is the Deeper Cosmological Meaning of REST? • HOW COMMUNICATION

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