Corruption In The Negative Government In Burundi's Governance

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The citizens in Burundi blame poor access to financing and corruption as the two most problematic factors for bad economy. Burundi’s Governance had an highly predatory style of ethno-political competition, in which control over the state was the key objective while control over business merely served this greater purpose.

What do they each have to say about the role of the state in the innovation economy?
Think about the balance of state and private initiates here.
As you work through each author 's work, think about what are the implications of their work for the small African country of Burundi.
Be clear. Don’t argue through quotations (you are not permitted to use them!); use only your own words to make your case.
The biggest part of this section is the review of the three authors ' work. This will constitute the largest part of your grade. Take it seriously.
Show off that you understand these
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the state, she explains, has been far more than a condition-setter and market fixer — it’s been a “a market shaper” and an essential risk-taker because of its willingness to take risks in areas where the private sector has been too risk averse. She takes iPhone as an example. She explains GPS and the Internet, that are widely used in iPhone, were the direct results of investments made by the US military’s DARPA and NAVSTAR; multitouch, which TEDsters originally saw at TED2006 when Jeff Han took the stage, was crafted with the help of grants from the CIA and National Science Foundation. And public venture-capital schemes like the Small Business Innovation Research Initiative helped finance companies like Apple, Compaq and Intel in their early stages of development. Her reports demonstrate that the world-leading private sector as well as innovation was possible because of the government. Without government role of taking risks in these types of

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