Coraline A Hero Journey

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A new danger threatens the peace of a community. One brave hero takes it upon themselves to eliminate the threat and restore happiness among their people and become the master of themselves. Is this Jaws, Jurassic park, Godzilla, The Lion King, Spiderman, Harry Potter, or Beowulf, the Anglo-Saxon poem published in the eighth and 11th century? The truth is it is all of them. The heroes journey is the common template used by a broad category of tales that involve a protagonist hero who goes on an adventure, overcomes an ordeal, and comes back home rewarded and changed. Coraline, a 2009 American 3D stop motion dark fantasy horror film produced by Laika, follows much of the same template created almost 11 centuries ago. All stages of the heroes journey can be picked out of Coraline beginning with the ordinary world. The ordinary world for Coraline is an extremely bland place. It consists of two workaholic parents, detached from their daughter, an ancient home filled with dull furniture and washed out colors, and strange new neighbors. “ I almost fell down a well yesterday mom,” Coraline says. “uh-huh,” her mom replied. “I could have died,” Coraline states hoping for an actual response from her mother. “Thats nice,…show more content…
Her call was a hand made doll made by “the other mother” that was able to spy on her life through its eyes and see she was unhappy. “The other mother” then lured her in with a jumping mouse, something that was new and vibrant in Coraline's life. At first Coraline refuses the call to adventure by telling herself that the other world is just a dream, which is understandable considering that it is nearly an inconceivable thought to even dream up, a whole other world that is the exact same only better in every way, plus she only visits there at night. But she then accepts her call to adventure once she realizes her parents have been stolen and the other world is

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