Controversial Debate About Stonehenge

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Stonehenge has been an epicenter for much discussion,confusion,controversy, and debates for many years especially in it’s homeland of the U.K. Stonehenge has puzzled and divided experts for decades. What is Stonehenge? Who built Stonehenge? Why was Stonehenge built? (What is Stonehenge, Abels, Harriete) There are many controversial debates about Stonehenge. Particulary on it’s origins and use. Some of these controversies include Aliens, Glaciers, Merlin the Wizard, the Devil, and sheer man-power. THere have been many UFO sightings above and near Stonehenge. The people who have reported the sightings believe that what they saw, photographed, and witnessed were without a doubt UFOs or extraterrestrials. Many people support the fact that Stonehenge was built with the help of Aliens. Their reason for thinking this is possible is the size of the stones. The stones weigh in at thousands of pounds each. The fact that some of these stones are laid across the top of other standing stones only makes their belief stronger. For some people it is easier to believe in the supernatural and unknown to answer questions that have no obvious answer. In response to these sightings, the ministry that deals with these issues says that the vast majority of cases that have been reported have more down to earth explanations. A wales police helicopter reported seeing a cluster of rotating objects in the vicinity of Stonehenge. Upon further investigation, the ministry concluded that what they had actually saw were chinese lanterns from a nearby wedding party, “ufo over stonehenge.” There were reports of a UFO hitting a wind turbine. Later, the facts and evidence revealed that the lights the witnesses had reported were from fireworks and that... ... middle of paper ... ... The Mystery Library, Stonhenge. Michigan: Lucent Books, 2003. Print. "The secret of Stonehenge." Independent 12 Nov 2013, n. pag. Print. . "Ufo over stonehenge? Britain releases its last big batch of x-files." . Science. Web. 15 Nov 2013. . Taverner, Roger. "How they rebuilt stonehenge."Stonehenge Rebuilt. The Western Daily Press, 01 8 2001. Web. 15 Nov 2013. . "" N.p.. Web. 15 Nov 2013. . "Stonehenge." Where I live, Wiltshire. bbc, n.d. Web. 14 Nov 2013. .

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