Consumerism And Its Effects On Our Society

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Consumerism in the 21st century is what has shaped our economy for centuries. Throughout our history, the American dream has been to become the most successful person you can possibly become given the opportunities presented to you. Consumerism has provided our country with a lot of jobs and efficient sources of income for the general population. Consumerism gives our country an upside unlike many other countries in that you could grow up in a hardworking blue collar family and become the most successful person in America. Even though consumerism has a lot of positive effects, it also could be the reason for a lot of society’s issues that people have to live have to live through day in and day out. A couple of positive effects that consumerism has had on our society is that consumerism has made our society more hard working and driven. Consumerism has also shaped our society to be more free spirited because our society has been able to produce a lot of products, giving us choices like the type of clothes we can wear or the type of house we can buy. Another positive effect that consumerism has had on our society is that it has made us more competitive. On most suburban streets, you can see numerous fast food chains right next to each other; this competition makes us become more creative and more efficient thinkers. When a person has to make a critical decision like finding something to eat for dinner, they have many options and maybe their decision can come down to being best tasting food. Without consumerism companies would be competing for the newest or the best products which would make our society less efficient. Even though consumerism has a lot of positive effects on our society, it also has a lot of negative effects. An... ... middle of paper ... drugs dealers sell drugs to drug addicts is that wrong? The answer would be yes but because our society has a very consumeristic attitude we think it’s okay. Personally I feel that consumerism negatives outweighs it positives the trend that consumerism can have on our country would make it an awful place to live in. With all the chaos happening in the world we don’t need more of it. That’s why I believe that consumerism has a negative effect on our society as my examples tell you why. Overall consumerism has its positive and negative effects and based on the knowledge that I have provided to you can truly decide if consumerism has a positive or negative effect on our society. Now before you make your decision think of the problems that are occurring in today’s society and the problems that affected us many years ago and decide if consumerism is a result of this.
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