Conflict in Ireland

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Conflict in Ireland

Text Box: Ireland is to the west of Britain and is surrounded by the

Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea and the Celtic Sea.

Today Ireland is divided into two parts, Northern Ireland and the

Republic of Ireland. In 1921 the partition treaty was signed and was

originally supposed to be temporary, it was an attempt to bring peace

to Ireland.

Currently there are mainly Unionists (Protestants) living in Northern

Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland there are mainly Nationalists

(Catholics) living in Northern Ireland. The unionists want to be

governed by England's parliament however; the Nationalists in Northern

Ireland do not. The Nationalists in the Republic are Independent and

want a untied Ireland.

Easter Rising, 1916


The Easter Rising took place in April 1916;it was one of many

rebellions held by Nationalists in an attempt to get independence for

Ireland. However, this rebellion was much more intense and violent

that those before.

Several events led up to the Easter Rising, all of which had an

influence on what happened. Firstly groups formed such as the Irish

Republican Brotherhood (I.R.B), groups like these formed as a result

of centuries of oppression by the British landlords and increasing


Pearse joined the I.R.B in 1913, he was prepared to die in a 'blood

sacrifice' to win independence for Ireland. Pearse was also among

those in the Irish Volunteers (formed in 1913) who did not want to

fight for England in the war with Germany in 1914.

James Connolly also shared the same views as Pearse. Together the

I.R.B and the Irish Citizen Army (led by James Co...

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...tholic and Protestants, but was unable to

deliver. There had been some peace and for a brief moment it seemed

the impossible had been done but that was not to last.

The sectarian beatings and killings continued and communities' became

increasingly divided. On Monday 14th October the Secretary of state

for Northern Ireland announced that London would be once again

imposing direct rule.

At present peace has still not been restored in Ireland and violent

attacks still happen although they are not as frequent as in the past

and are on a smaller scale. The people of Ireland may never reach an

agreement that suits everyone but for now, the key issue is

decommissioning the IRA of weapons. It may only be after that step

forward is taken that peace in Northern Ireland can become a more

realistic and obtainable prospect.
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