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Concussions and Cognitive and Physical Rest Concussions remain a dangerous concern in the United States, and the government is instigating to inform others of concussions and the threat concussions hold (Key 444). Each year, many student athletes receive a concussion. Annually, around 300,000 sports-related concussions materialize in America (Lueke 485). When a sports-related concussion occurs in a young student athlete, both cognitive and physical rest should be required until all symptoms have disappeared because it will hasten the brain’s rehabilitation process. Understanding medical terms is vital in order to grasp certain concepts. The term concussion “results from a blow to the head, which, in turn, causes the brain to rapidly…show more content…
Neurologist, Mark Hyman, claims in his book Concussions and Our Kids, “Rest is the hallmark of concussion therapy. The best we can do for patients is to shut things down physically and cognitively” (Hyman 10). Healing the brain at a fast pace happens when rest is involved. The brain is allowed time to stop and strengthen itself without obstacles when cognitive rest is in use by the concussed. The many symptoms of a concussion stops one’s normal routines, but the symptoms are healed quickly with cognitive rest (Purcell). Once the brain is fully healed, symptoms disappear and allow the concussed to return to his normal activities. Others may claim that rest is useless if the concussed would just work through the symptoms, but it makes the effects of the concussion last longer (Gibson…show more content…
Post concussion syndrome rates are low, but it can be better prevented with cognitive rest, “Most concussions resolve in seven to ten days and athletes return to their normal activities in two weeks. Approximately 20 percent are post-concussion syndrome cases.” (Hyman 71). Post concussion syndrome is a severe consequence of a concussion; it makes it difficult to sleep, and it even mimics depression. To prevent it, cognitive rest is used when all of the symptoms of the concussion are still present. Resting the brain is a dull and boring process, but it prevent worse problems like post concussion syndrome and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE happens when one has obtained multiple concussions. It is more common in collegiate athletes and adults, but it has been known to occur in teenagers too, “CTE is not a disease that afflicts only aging athletes. Its victims can be younger, and sometimes much younger” (Hyman 96). CTE occurs when one has obtained multiple concussions. It captures and strangles one’s life. People may claim that remaining in school and sports does not affect the teen in a negative way, but it does. Keeping up with sports and school adds to the recovery time, and makes the post concussion syndrome even worse, and sometimes even
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