Comparsion of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

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Introduction Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are two of the most well-known names of our generation for being the co-founders of two very large corporations. Steve Jobs being the co-founder of Apple, also the founder of Pixar and NeXT. Bill Gates, most known for being the co-founder of Microsoft, which is the biggest software company in the world. Though, without a doubt, both of these men were very successful in their professional lives for mainly the same thing and similar in their ways, but very different. Bill Gates Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. At the age of 13, was when he first found his love for computers His senior year, he and his friend, Paul Allen developed their own company called the Traf-O-Data. However, with Allen being in college, Traf-O-Data was not a success. The business did, however, give the two a keen insight on a few things such as, how to be effective entrepreneurs and give them more experience. Gates was later accepted into Harvard University. After a while, Gates quit Harvard to pursue his dream in software. In the 1970’, the boys got their first break when a company in Albuquerque, New Mexico called MITS were interested in the boys’ ability to write software. Not long after, the boys were hired. In 1975, Microsoft was created. By 1978, Gates moved MITS to Bellevue, Washington so he could be close to home. As the head of Microsoft, Bill Gates guided the company to gross $2.5 Million, at only the age of 23. Over the time frame of three years, the growth of Microsoft increased tremendously. Income jumped from being four million, to sixteen million. In 1981 Gates was assigned not only the chairman, but the president of the board. By 1983, thirty percent of the world was run... ... middle of paper ... ...ower part of middle class, also considering the fact that he was adopted. Bill Gates was more of a wealthier family who could afford to be put in a private school. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were also rivals whenever they were trying to stay #1 out of the software companies. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs passed away. Before Jobs passed, he retired in August. Bill Gates on the other hand is still living and retired in 2008. Conclusion Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are two of the most dedicated and committed co-owners of this time. The valid points that I made in my paper back up the fact that they worked hard toward their dream of owning their own business, both of then succeeded, leaving a mark on the software business forever. These two men are very inspirational and by their works, it proves that you have to work hard toward your dream, to get the outcome that you want.

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