Comparisons of Different Famous Diets

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Jenny Craig Diet: Characteristics The main premise of the Jenny Craig diet is that participants eat prepackaged, premeasured, and processed meals which are delivered to the participant’s home. Counselors are available in order to assist with long-term goals and teach participants to avoid emotional eating. There is some flexibility in allowing participants to eat out, or to enjoy the occasional snack as well ("health and wellness,"2014). Pros/advantages and Cons/disadvantages According to nutritionists who reviewed several top diets, as noted in the US News and World Report, the Jenny Craig diet is safe, nutritionally balanced, and convenient. Weight loss can be steady and easily obtained, and therefore may lower the participants risk for heart disease and stroke ("health and wellness,"2014). However, given that the meals are delivered and prepackaged may not teach a participant the proper way to cook or shop for food. The fear, of course is that once the prepackaged meals and snacks are not available. The dieter will no longer be able to determine what is best to meet their nutritional and ongoing dietary needs. Recommendations I would not recommend Jenny Craig to a dieter due to the involvement of the pre-packaged and processed meals. I firmly believe that eating fresh healthy fruits and vegetables and being able to prepare one’s own meals is a great advantage in managing weight. Atkins Diet: Characteristics The Atkins diet is founded on the premise that a diet restricted in carbohydrates will help the body to burn fat. Items like simple carbohydrates are limited in order for the body to burn the fat is already stored in the body. Foods allowed are high in protein. Fruits and vegetables are allowed on the diet... ... middle of paper ... that those looking to lose weight need to find what works for them individually. This may involve trial and error, as in my case. Many diets, especially those which require payment in some form will boost great results. However, many studies done have determined that no one type of diet is better than others when it comes to lasting weight loss and managing health and wellness (Fahey, Insel, & Roth, 2009) Works Cited Cabbage soup diet. (2014). Retrieved from Fahey, T. D., Insel, P. M., & Roth, W. T. (2009). Fit and well: Core concepts and labs in physical fitness and wellness (9th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. Health and wellness. (2014). Retrieved from Hoeger, W. K., & Hoeger, S. A. (2008). Lifetime physical fitness and wellness (10th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thompson-Wadsworth

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