Comparison Of Sigmund Freud On Dreams

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Sigmund Freud believed that dreams fulfill our wishes, though they are not always successful. Carl Jung, on the other hand, believed that dreams are the communication between the unconscious and conscious. According to Jung, dreams play an important role in the psyche of a person; they re-establish “total psychic equilibrium” As I look back to the dreams I had, I can see why Freud believed that our dreams fulfill our wishes and why Jung believed dreams are a form of communication between the unconscious and conscious.
I am a person that rarely remembers dreams, but when I do remember what I have dreamed, I can remember them in detail. There are times when I wake up and I know that I was dreaming something, but I can’t remember it no matter how hard I try. One of the dreams that I had was one where my neighbor scared me and I just wanted to run. I don’t know if this happened because a couple days before he had scared me and also because Valentines Day was just around the corner. For thanksgiving, he brought me a card and doughnuts and for Christmas he also brought me something. The issue is that he isolated himself for years after his mother died. He never came out and after 5 years of living next to them our family saw him for
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That night he said, “ I’m not watching you, my uncle is coming to pick us because my aunt is in the hospital and we are going to go visit her.” But who goes to visit someone at 10PM. So, I do try to avoid him and that’s what I wanted to do in my dream. It also made me realize how much it annoys me and I knew that since Valentines Day was coming, he was probably going to try and give me something, which meant he was going to look for me and I was not looking forward to
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