Comparison Of Paul Simon And Arthur Garfunkel

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orn in 1941 only 3 weeks apart from each other, Paul Simon and Arthur Garfunkel became good friends in Forest Hill elementary school in Queens, New York. What was unknown to them at the time was that this friendship would eventually lead to them becoming major contributors to Folk Rock and music holistically. Their friendship extended past elementary school as they lived 3 blocks away from each other and attended the same high school, Parsons Junior High School, where they discovered their mutual interest in music and began working on songs and practicing harmonies.
It wasn’t long for them and others to realize that this musical duo was a perfect match. Paul Simon’s melodic rhyme-making and lyrical abilities were complemented by Art Garfunkel’s vocals and ability to harmonize. Shortly after, the duo discovered the Everly Brothers, a musical group that sang in a style similar to Paul and Art’s, which drove them to releasing their own music under the stage name Tom & Jerry assigned to them by their record studio. “Hey, Schoolgirl”, their first official recording, was a relative hit reaching #49 on the Billboard chart and selling over 100,000 copies.
Despite their initial success, the group reached a dead-end music-wise as nothing they produced received a reception as positive as that of their first song and decided to go separate ways when they chose to attend different universities. During their time in the world of tertiary education, both Art and Paul took interest in the bustling Folk music scene which is apparent through some of their later work such as “He Was My Brother” and “Bleecker Street”.
Simon attempted to jumpstart his own career during this period by releasing the song “The Lone Teen Ranger” under his alias Jerry Land...

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... was speculated that the music that began their career became too mechanical and prison-like for their liking. "Making music together, once so easy, had become an abrasive, divisive process," remarked Joe Morella.
However, this wasn’t the end of Simon & Garfunkel as a musical duo as the two reunited again to perform “The Concert in Central Park” on September 19, 1981 which was attended by 50,000 crowd members in Central Park of New York. The concert was very well received and prompted them to go on a world tour in 1982 and 1983. Multiple other appearances were made by the due in many smaller events over the course of the next decade.
In 1990, Simon & Garfunkel were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and on February 23, 2003 they were awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for their game-change work in the musical industry over four and a half decades.

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