Comparison Of Jeffery Immlet And Robert Nardelli

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Jeffery Immlet and Robert Nardelli were both very strong and affective leaders. Jeffery Immelt was known for his charisma, positive reinforcement and goal setting strategies along with his employees satisfaction. Robert Nardelli was more known for his strict, goal setting theories. Robert Nardelli was harder on his goal deadlines and gave more challenging goals with little guidance. On the other hand, Immelt was more laid back and gave more guidance on how to reach your goals with soften deadlines and larger rewards for meeting them. Jeffery Immelt practices the goal setting theory (p289). The goal setting theory of motivation assumes that behavior is a result of conscious goals and intentions. Immelt sets out to develop an understanding of…show more content…
This theory (p291) says that behavior results in rewarding consequences or punishment consequences. Although rewarding consequences usually result in improved behavior, Nardelli usually resulted in using punishment consequences and replace full timers with part timers to teach them a lesson and also cut labor costs. Underperforming executives were often called down from their ranks. Nardelli was relentless to determine every critic wrong and fulfill his new vision for the future of Home Depot. A big strength of Robert Nardelli is to be a cross-cultural leader (p331). Nardelli was known for hiring many military veterans, senior citizens, and people of culture. He recruits from AARP, four different Latino advocacy groups and the military. He supported all different kinds of people and gave opportunity to some who had none. Both of these profound leaders make a huge impact on the field they pursued. Jeffery Immelt took GE up and beyond expectations of a work place environment and made General Electric a truly worthwhile place to have your career. Robert Nardelli doubled Home Depot’s sales from $46 billion in 2000 to $80.1 billion in 2005. Nardelli brought Home Depot to be the youngest company to reach $40 billion in revenue but he lost a lot of managers and executives on his way to the

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