Comparing the Ways in Which Mrs. Casper, Mr. Sugden and Mr. Farthing Treat Billy in A Kestrel for a Knave by Barry Hines

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Comparing the Ways in Which Mrs. Casper, Mr. Sugden and Mr. Farthing Treat Billy in A Kestrel for a Knave by Barry Hines

I am going to compare how these three characters, Mrs. Casper,

Mr.Sugden and Mr. Farthing treat Billy, a 14 year old boy, living up

north in a rough school and he has quite a hard time.

Mrs. Casper, who is Billy's mother, has no time for Billy "Oh stop

pestering me! I'm late enough as it is!" She finds her social life and

nights out more important than listening to what Billy has to say.

Mrs. Casper isn't a very caring mother as she asks her son "you

haven't got a fag on you, have you love?" not expecting a very high

standard from her son, not minding about his smoking habit and not

caring about his health and a safe lifestyle.

Billy also suffers from verbal abuse and also physical from his mother

"We'll see whether you're going or not, you cheeky young bugger." Mrs.

Casper doesn't care about speaking to her son in a rude way, but when

Billy swears to her she finds it very offensive and tells him to

apologize so she is allowed to speak to him like that but Billy is

not. He faces abuse from his mother as she tries to grab Billy, as he

is isn't doing what he is told, as well as that she threatens him

"I'll bloody murder you when I get hold of you!" being verbally harsh

once again and not knowing how to control Billy and speak to him in a

way in which he will listen. Mrs. Casper doesn't show Billy she loves

him at all during the book, pushing Billy off her when he attempts to

give her a hug, giving him no attention.

Towards the end of the story, Kes is killed by Jud, Billy's older

brother. Billy is extremely up...

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... the only time he got

some attention from something else apart from Kes.

Mr. Farthing encourages Billy in class which makes him more confident.

He shows his appreciation to Billy;

'Well done Billy. That was very good.'

He treats him like any other pupil, though being stern when telling

Billy off for falling asleep in lesson time, he is still treating

Billy the same as any toher teacher would to any pupil that feel


Though out this book, Billy only ever received any attention from his

English teacher rather than his mother, which shows how little Mrs.

Casper attempted to talk and care about her son, or that Mr. Farthing

made a big effort, but over all Billy still wasn't a very cared about

child, and he felt lonely and unwanted until he got his kestrel which

was the only thing he loved in his love.

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