Comparing Two Sources

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Comparing Two Sources

There are disagreements and agreements between source A and source B.

Source A was from a report written by a journalist Humphrey Tyler, who

worked for a South African magazine. The report was written later on

the same day that the shooting occurred. Source B was from an English

newspaper, published the day after the shooting.

Source A and source B both agree and disagree with each other over

different things. In both sources they agree that there were Saracens

involved, but they disagree on how many were there. In source A: - "…

three Saracen armoured cars." And in source B: - "…about a dozen

Saracens…" The two sources agree that many of the Sharpeville

townspeople were shouting, but they disagree on what they were

shouting. In source A, it is said, "…were shouting the Pan- Africanist

slogan "Izwe Lethu" (Our Land)." In source B they say, "…Africans

shouting "Africa, Africa". Both sources mention that the townspeople

were outside the police station, source A says there was "crowds" of

them, source B says "besieged by thousands". Both sources agree that a

car was driven to the police station, source A "…driving behind a big

grey police car…" and source B "A motor car from the council…" The

sources disagree on their opinion of the mood of the townspeople,

while source A says the crowed was "…grinning and cheerful…" "…looked

interested and some just grinned." And in source B "…besieged by

thousands of Africans…" "…emerged as a wreck and the people inside

were injured."(Talking about the car, which had driven through the

crowd earlier). The general way the source are written, or the "vibe"

is different as well, source A is written in a positive way (making

the crowd seem happy), then source B which is written negatively

(making the crowd seem aggressive).

The sources agree to the extent that they agree on the general

details, but disagree on specific details. For example: - they both

agreed that there was Saracens present but they disagreed on the
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