Comparing The Presentation Of Two Film Versions Of The Prologue To Romeo And Juliet

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Comparing The Presentation Of Two Film Versions Of The Prologue To Romeo And Juliet I have been scrutinizing Baz Luhrmann and Franco Zeffirelli's unique styles of interpreting Shakespeare's, late 1590 's, play prologue: Romeo and Juliet. (To be truthful when I first found out I was going to be studying Romeo and Juliet, I thought I was about to pull my hair out! Image having to watch two Shakespeare play prologues, let alone writing an essay comparing it! Surely you would die of boredom? Wouldn't you?) A prologue is commonly known as a foreword of an introductory material of prose work, which in this case is a play. Shakespeare wrote his prologue as an Iambic pentameter sonnet (a form that he is renound for). To give his audience a sneak preview of what 'the two hours' traffick of our stage…' would be in reference to. Luhrmann and Zeffirelli are considered to be 'both alike in dignity'; they are both well-known directors of their era. Although well established, their styles fluctuate dramatically. Their many similarities consist of not being afraid to be unconventional. Zeffirelli astonished his mainstream audience by casting two unidentified actors to play the roles Romeo and Juliet: Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting. In a similar vein, Luhrmann aimed his film towards an audience who would not usually be associated with Shakespeare; he cast two famous actors Claire Danes and Leonardo Dicapario, to capture the attention of his new mainstream audience. This was not as successful as Zeffirelli's interpretation, as the film received four academy awards while Luhrmanns' received none. (Perhaps Shakespeare's work should be left... ... middle of paper ... ...of the film were both outstandingly produced, thus causing my perception of the two films to differ, although the two films remain effective in my psyche but in different ways. Luhrmann's ingenious use of modernisation and vibrant location, (even despite the fact that it was slightly baffling), seizing the interest of contemporary viewers, as we feel as if we could relate to the heart breaking passionate affair of Romeo and Juliet. Conversely Zeffirelli's bona fide, well-made version, ensnared me, as I felt I understood the passion and purity of Romeo and Juliet love. On the divergent the film may have appealed to me, however it won't to everybody as it is aimed only at Shakespearean aficionados. Impeding modern viewers of capability of relating to the environment, and hence has a durable time of indulgencing the plot.
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