Comparing Mercutio In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Good friends show support for most, if not all, of their friends during times of need. In the famous play Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare, Romeo and his lover have a tragic ending due to many characters; although, Mercutio was a major influence. The disrespect of Romeo’s concerns, the flippancy towards Romeo’s love life, and acting childish pushed Romeo to his fatal decision at the end of the play. Even though Mercutio was a close friend of Romeo’s, he didn’t act like one, which led to Romeo feeling less appreciated by his “friends”. Before going to Capulet's’ party, Romeo feels that it will lead to future trouble because he had a dream about his near future. Mercutio responds saying that he also had a dream, but in a sarcastic tone. Romeo then asks Mercutio about his dreams, and Mercutio replies, “That dreamers often lie,” or in other words, the dreamer imagines imaginary lies as dreams (I.iv.52). This provokes Romeo to deny Mercutio’s opinion by replying in a defensive manner. Mercutio then has a long monologue about how he believes that dreams don’t have any special meaning and that they all happen because of Queen Mab, the queen of fairyland. In the monologue, Mercutio talks about how what some different types of people would would dream about. Each type of person has a dream that represents them, such as “O’er lawyers fingers, who straight dream on …show more content…

If Mercutio had engaged in listening to Romeo’s dream, then Romeo may not have been discouraged. After the party, Mercutio should have spoken respectfully about Rosaline and towards nurse, so that Romeo would not have felt uncared for by his friends. Mercutio should not have provoked a fight and blamed it on Romeo, who was put into a bad situation as a consequence. Mercutio’s characteristics of a friend differ from those of a friend that Romeo

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