Symbolism of Dumbledore's Office in Harry Potter

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Professor Albus Dumbledore’s office is one that Harry Potter is excited to see in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The office is described as: “a large and beautiful circular room, full of funny little noises” (154). Throughout the description of the office, Rowling focuses on two characters: the Sorting Hat and Fawkes the Phoenix. The Sorting Hat is depicted as a tattered and old hat; while Fawkes looks sickly and dying. Rowling’s detailed description of the appearance of these characters is much like Dumbledore’s gentle outward appearance. However, also like Dumbledore, their withering looks does not diminish their powerful abilities. The sorting hat is wise and insightful while Fawkes has healing tears and the ability to be reborn from …show more content…

Its eyes were dull and, even as Harry watched, a couple more feathers fell out of its tail” (155). Fawkes bursts into flames before Harry’s eyes, making it obvious that Harry lacks the knowledge on the power of phoenixes. Although Fawkes dies only moments after Harry notices the sickly bird, Fawkes’ life returns within the pile of ashes. Dumbledore explains that Phoenixes hold tremendous power from holding large and heavy objects to healing tears as well as make “highly faithful pets” (155). This shows that despite the sickly state of Fawkes, he is a powerful creature and comes to Harry’s aid when facing the Basilisk in the chamber of secrets. Although J. K. Rowling’s description of Dumbledore’s office focuses on the old and withered description of the Sorting Hat and Fawkes, this does not take away the power that is behind these characters. Their physical traits do not define their magical abilities and strengths that are shown throughout the plot. Both the Sorting Hat and Fawkes have old and gentle physical traits like Dumbledore, but also like the old wizard, they carry great

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