Comparing India And India

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America and India have many differences but several similarities. Each county has their own culture, traditions, and way of life. Modern day Indian families have a lot of the same traditions American families had in the 1950s. Compared to India, America is more reformed and modernized. Both countries may be different in the way they do things, or even the way they look, but when it comes down to it, we are all the same.
India and America are different in many ways. For example, they each have very different beliefs. The citizens of India are more conservative and old fashioned compared to Americans. Indians still believe in old traditions, for example, arranged marriages. In India, you may meet your future spouse twice before marrying them.
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India does not have jobs available like we do in America. “It’s raining jobs in America, we spend every day just trying not to get fired” (Spurlock). The citizens of India are taking American telemarketing jobs, because it is one of the few available jobs for them. Telemarketing is a big deal in India, they actually call it "call services ". In India, telemarketing is also labeled as being one of the best jobs available. In America, telemarketers are looked down upon, and label you as having a low class job. Americans see it as one of the worst jobs available and most citizens tend to find telemarketers annoying. Telemarketing jobs provide citizens with money, but not enough. Some citizens are barely making it, they are either staying with family or they make a shelter. When you walk the streets in India you will see huge, brand new buildings owned by American companies. Next to those huge, nice, new buildings you will see tents made of clothes, blankets, and sticks. At first glance you do not think anyone is living in them, once you get a closer look you see people have lived there for years. Indians can work all day every day for their whole life and still not be able to afford a house. Some people may be living in a homemade tent for the rest of their life but they are content with it, because they are working hard just to keep that tent. In American, buildings tend to be separated in different…show more content…
In the documentary "30 Days: Outsourcing" India experiences a riot due to the death of a beloved famous actor. Although his death was due to natural causes the citizens were still upset. People were throwing rocks at windows of corporate building, setting cars on fire, even with people in them. Offices were forced to send their workers home because it was so dangerous. Although it was over the next day, a lot of people were killed and a lot of damage was done to city. Businesses lost over four million dollars from shutting down for one day. America is facing these same type of problems almost every day. There is always someone who is not happy about a decision made or something said. People are always starting riots and hurting others over the smallest things. Now days you have to be careful what you say or do because someone will always be
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