Comparing Government Systems: Parliament and Presidential

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Comparing Government Systems: Parliament and Presidential

To start with, what is a parliament and presidential system of

Government? A parliamentry system of government is that government

that is headed by the Head of Government who gets into power by direct

'vote of confidence of the Parliament.E.g Britain,

A presidential system of Government is a system of government where

the executive branch is elected seperately from the legistative

branch. This differs from the Parliamentry system because there is no

vote of confidence and the citizenry of the counrty elect those they

want as their leader.E.g America, Nigeria and most Southe American

counties e.t.c. On the question of which is a better government

system, I will analyze further.


Theoretically, The presidential system seems to be a better system of

Government because the citizenry of the country or nation have a

chance to decide on whom they want to lead them into the kind of peace

and national success that they want.

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