Comparing Animal Wisdom And The Last Wolf

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Animals play a large role in our lives whether they are pets seen in nature and many other ways, but what is their purpose? Two poems that answer this question are, Animal Wisdom written by Nancy Wood, and The Last Wolf written by Mary TallMountain. Both poet’s attitudes about animals are alike because they both think that animals are smarter than people. In Animal Wisdom Nancy Wood states, “When they realized they had something in common people began saying the same things. They defended the Earth together though it was the animals who insisted on keeping their own names.” This shows that the poet thinks that animals are smarter than people because they found the purpose of the world and taught the people. The animals also knew that it would be a big mistake to join people and that they should remain separated. In the Last Wolf, Mary TallMountain states, “I know what they have done.” This shows that animals are smarter than people because humans have destroyed the Earth and the animals are ne except for one wolf. The animals knew that they Earth must be protected but humans didn’t care. …show more content…

In Animal Wisdom, the imagery is of animals being created and learning about the world. In the Last Wolf the imagery is of a single wolf running through a dark and dirty city while the world is being destroyed. The differences in the imagery of Animal Wisdom are that happy and bright images are thought of, many animals are seen, and the characters in the poem are happy. In the poem, The Last Wolf, dark images are imagined, only one animal is seen, and the characters in the poem are

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