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A vignette from The House on Mango Street, "Those Who Don't," by Sandra Cisneros, the poem "My Parents Kept Me from Children Who Were Rough," by Stephen Spender, and another poem "We Real Cool," by Gwendolyn Brooks share many similarities and differences. These three pieces of literature talk about racism and rough children. "Those Who Don't" is about racism and how people think about others without getting to know them. "My Parents Kept Me from Children Who Were Rough" explains how a good child wants to be like other children who are bad. "We Real Cool" talks about pool players who are bad. These pieces of literature compare and contrast between figurative language, point of view, and theme.

The three pieces of literature are similar and different especially in point of view. "We Real Cool," is in the perspective of seven pool players who dropped out of school and lurk late. “We/ Left School. We/ Lurk late” (3 to 6) shows that the pool player think they are cool because they are being different from the other people who are in school. "My Parents Kept Me from Children Who Were Rough" is from the view of a boy who is influenced by the rough children in his neighborhood. “I feared more than tigers…” (5) shows that the boy was scared from the children. The boy wanted to be like those children in a way but knew that wasn’t a good choice. "Those Who Don't" is told in Ezperansa’s perspective. Esperanza lives in a neighborhood where there are good people, bad people and racist people. “They [different race] think we will attack with shiny knives” (Cisneros 28) explains that people who walk into a Latino race believe the Latinos would be bad. Ironically, Esperanza believes they are stupid, but she does the same when she goes into a div...

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...h boys so he could stay safe. “…Like dogs to bark at my world” (10) illustrates that the child is in his own little world and the mean boys are annoying him. In "We Real Cool," the pool players shows isolation because they are only talking about themselves and don’t mention what people think of them. They are just within themselves. They are also all different because "Those Who Don't" is mainly about racism and the others are about rough children.

These pieces of literature are similar and different. Some of the pieces show roughness of children and views of racism. When people are judged about how the look or their type of personality is racism. Racism causes to think bad about different races so sometimes people think to stay away from one race because they might be very bad. Each piece stands in its own place for theme, point of view, and figurative language.
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