Compare The Giver A Dystopian Society

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When mankind started to build a community, maintaining orderliness and balance also came with it. The citizens are trying to make a utopia or a perfect society for them to live in. Of course, as the years passed, it has come to their senses that there has to be someone who can lead the society to greatness. That 's the time they 've started to appoint leaders that are capable of maintaining the very stronghold of the society. These leaders have the power to control their society to their will. Unfortunately, some of these leaders became deprived of power which blinded them that instead of making a utopia, they 've made a dystopian society that drastically affected their citizens. Similar to the novel, The Giver by Lois Lowry. Jonas, the protagonist in the novel did not know the state of the society he lives in…show more content…
Having different abilities, appearances, the status of living, and so on can make a person stand out. On the other hand, we have equality which gives everyone different equal rights for everyone to have in our society. In The Giver, it demonstrates a strong element of equality in which their government is trying to make everything similar or equal. Everything must always be in the same pattern and everything must be done precisely. The society became deprived of making everything equal that they even took out the gender of people. They make the citizens take pills just so they won 't feel any lustful feelings towards other people in which unnecessary reproduction will not occur. In The Hunger Games uniqueness is encouraged and promoted. Everyone is far from being similar, even there are 12 districts that divide massive groups of people. Each district provides different purpose, but only the Capitol, where only the rich and fortunate citizens live, gets the great benefits from it. Unlike in the other novel, the society in the Giver gets the benefits and everyone is helping each other without knowing what reality
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