Compare And Contrast The Government And The Federal Government

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1. Describe what government is and what governments do.
Government is how formal organizations create and decide on plans and ideas to input for a group of people to follow. The organizations that are involved in making these decisions in the United States federal government are in the three branches of government. There are different levels of government as well, which include local governments, state governments, and the federal government. The government formulates plans and ideas and put them into effect. As a result, the government also affects the way people live their lives by restricting and allowing certain situations to happen. For example, the Supreme Court recently allowed same-sex marriage over the summer. This affects the lives …show more content…

The first question is about the ways to rule the government. This question will be answered by identifying the functions of a democratic government, analyzing the differences and similarities of a true democratic government to the government of the United States, and deciding which person or people have control over the laws being passed. For example, a true democracy has each and every person in the community vote, while in the United States government, there are certain people who vote on laws based on the group of people they represent. The American government has a representative democracy instead of a direct democracy. The second question deals with how much control the government should have for the people. Liberals think that the government needs to do more for its people, while conservatives think that the government should not interfere but instead let people take care of themselves. An example of this is if the government should monitor people’s usage on the Internet. Liberals would agree since they are in favor of the government controlling things, while conservatives would oppose to this idea since they believe that the people can monitor themselves on the

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