Compare And Contrast Miracle's Boys And The Outsiders

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Both of these books are centered around three young boys going through many trials and tribulations throughout their young adult life. All six of these boys have lost their parents in tragic accidents; that ended up changing the way these boys grew up and the path that they later chose. The book The Outsiders is surrounding three boys by the names of Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry. Darry who is the oldest of the three boys begins to take on responsibility of taking care of his three younger brothers. These boys all end up taking a bad path in life, which resulted in joining a gain and the gain, became their family, somewhat of a filler for what they have lost in their real families home. The second book Miracle’s Boys is also surrounding three…show more content…
Both these books show how your life as a young adult can be altered by the death of your parents at a young age. In both these stories the authors Jacqueline Woodson and S.E Hinton both portray these boys growing up in a rough area with no parents and the oldest brother taking most of the responsibly if not all somewhat becoming their mother and father in place of what they have lost. You can see right away where a lot of the pressure gets put upon these young men Darry and Ty’ree Bailey. For example, “Darry didn’t deserve to work like an old man” (The Outsiders 16) “Ty’ree had just cashed his check from the publishing company, some evenings he’d sit clipping coupons and take them down when he went grocery shopping” (Miracle’s Boys 30). Both these boys had bright futures like in The Outsiders the oldest brother had an athletic scholarship, but was not able to go to college because money was tight and he was taking care of his family. The oldest brother Ty’ree also had a scholarship for Massachusetts Institute of Technology; he sadly could not attend because of the same dilemma as…show more content…
Charlie and Sodapop are the ones who are thoughtful but make bad choices. Charlie before he had gone to juvenile detention innocent and caring he had only robbed the candy store because I feel that he wanted to make his mother happy by having enough money to go to Puerto Rico where she had explained to her boys that her life there was much better there. Now in The Outsiders all the boys are affiliated in a gang “I am a greaser, I am a JD and a hood. I blacken the name of our fair city. I beat up people. I rob gas stations. I am a menace to society. Man, do I have fun” (Sodapop page 136). Sodapop seems that he is okay being the bad boy and is okay with the path that he has chosen to lead in life without his
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