Compare And Contrast Gogol And Richard

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Point-by-Point Comparison Essay No one really understands how hard it is to live in America and have a different native culture, like Gogol and Richard did. With having a different native culture, many different customs come along with it. Not only are there different customs, but language can differ greatly as well. Learning a new language can be very difficult, especially when you have grown up only knowing the one native language that you have. Adapting to new cultures and languages can be hard, but the most important thing that you can have on that journey of adapting to a new culture is your family to help you through it. In both of the stories that I compared, problems with language differences, integration into new culture, and the …show more content…

Gogol and Richard both have an intense bond with each of their families. Gogol doesn’t really bond with his family at first but he starts to bond with his family when his father dies and he learns the true meaning of his name. Richard and his family are from the Hispanic culture. Normally when you are from a Hispanic culture, you spend a lot of time with your family doing different activities. No matter what the circumstances are, your family should always have your back and support your decision. Just like when Gogol wanted to change his name, his family didn’t want him to change it. When he did change it anyway, Gogol’s family didn’t shun him for it. Instead they waited until after his father had died to tell him the true meaning of why they really named him Gogol. Richard’s family is very close to him and supports him one hundred percent in helping him learn the English language and culture. The big idea is that the two families spend time with each other. Even though Gogol chose to leave and go to college, his mom and dad still spend time together with him whenever they get the chance too. Richard gets to come home from his busy public life trying to fit in as an American, to a nice and comfortable private life with his very close family. After all, they are both having to adapt to a new culture and only have their family with them to support

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