Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Sir Gawain

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uring the Middle Ages, two poems, Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight embody heroic figures. Beowulf, who demonstrates all the characteristics of an ideal hero, is faced with physical challenges that no other man could face during his existence. Beowulf was not only looking to become a hero, he wanted to reveal the importance of establishing identity. However, Beowulf was not the only hero during this time period. Sir Gawain also participates in challenges that define his character. Sir Gawain was indeed a hero, but he was mostly concerned with maintaining his reputation, which sets him and Beowulf apart when it comes to being the most ideal hero. Beowulf and Sir Gawain are both models of strength and bravery as they achieve deeds in order to bring glory to their king. As both men try to establish a heroic title, Beowulf gained better recognition because he was a hero to his not only his king, but to his entire society.…show more content…
Sir Gawain who does embody heroic characteristics, like, bravery and intelligence, still falls short in establishing recognition like Beowulf did. To Sir Gawain, it wasn’t about his identity or his kingdom. Sir Gawain had the ultimate desire to become part of a higher position. He was mostly concerned about protecting his reputation. Because Sir Gawain was so concerned about his reputation, he tells a lie by leaving out the green girdle when talking to the host. Not only did Sir Gawain tell a lie by leaving out the green girdle, he also fails to mention his sexual passion, the passion that gets him into trouble. However, Sir Gawain did show acts of heroism as he set forth the Green Knight. Even when the knight made a promise to not tell a soul, Sir Gawain did not back down. Regardless of Sir Gawain’s courage and bravery, he values his own life more than loyalty, honesty, and respect, the aspects that define an ideal
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