Compare And Contrast Baseball And Football

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Dimitri Mendez English 1A Deborah Pollack 24, February 2016 Baseball vs. Football Baseball and football are popular American sports in which many people participate. Both sports showcase the players' talents and respect for each other in the game. Many Americans enjoy watching these competitive sports because of the excitement they bring and their unpredictable moments. Baseball and football are two astounding sports with many similarities and differences. Baseball and football have many similarities. Both sports have a playoff system for the teams who have the best overall record at the end of the season. The playoff systems of baseball and football have each team play against each other until two teams are left. The two teams then compete in a championship game. Baseball's championship game is the World Series and football's championship is the Super Bowl. Both sports' main objective is to score the most points. Baseball and football have each player wear identical jerseys with distinctive colors and symbols. Both sports have many teams and have many positions assigned to different players. In baseball and football the ball gets thrown to each player and is the main source to score points. Both of them have a college league and a professional league. The college league is called the NCAA Division One baseball league for baseball and the NCAA Division One football league for football. The professional league is called MLB for …show more content…

They both have many similarities and differences. Baseball and football have many similarities such as scoring the most points, having a championship game at the end of the season, having rules, and playing in certain time frame. They also have many differences such as how the players interact, how long each game is, having different rules, and having different equipment. All in all, baseball and football are filled with excitement, disappointment, and historical

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