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Anti-Age vs. Pro-Age Dove’s commercial for their anti-age campaign known as the pro-age campaign opens with lively, free-spirited, if not sassy music. Shown are four different models. They are all striking in appearance and from different cultural and racial ethnicities. The women are all clearly over the age of fifty. The camera zooms in on a different angle of each model. These women first not looking at the camera turn to face it head on. With each final still photo of the model, play the words “too old to be in an anti-aging ad.” The words then appear on a blank white screen, in black font “but this isn 't an anti-aging ad”, again the screen goes white and the logo “this is pro-age” now in red font close to the same color as the product’s…show more content…
Dove offers up the idea that age does not define beauty. Often the media tells aging women to fight against the aging process, to cover up fine lines and wrinkles. Typically we see young models in most beauty advertisements. Here though we see women of age, seemingly celebrating their wrinkles and age spots. Women may feel empowered when they hear, “beauty has no age limit” in this campaign, as well as see women displaying their age with confidence. Using age-appropriate models in this piece may lead to the product being well received and purchased.
The models, looking straight into the camera, near eye- to- eye with the viewer, they pose discreetly and smile, warm and friendly. While not full or even partial frontal nudity is portrayed, the commercial advertisement did stir up controversy. Banned in the United States, the FCC ruled it was too racy or explicit. Once word spread of the banned status, many people did look up the advert, and it has been viewed over 2,602,441 times on YouTube as of March 16, 2015. This too may have been a tactic to increase the appeal and reach out across demographic
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This label is large font making it easy to read. The color of the bottles is geared to catch the eye of the consumer, though not only that, the dark red stands for power, passion, and love. Dove appears to be honest in their desire to show that all women have beauty. However, in selling products specifically made for aging skin, or to fight the age process, Dove fails in its approach at honesty and true beauty.
The ad seems to support the idea that older women are naturally beautiful; however, they are attempting to sell a product that will enhance this beauty. This seems to be contradictory to the message the advertisement portrays. While Dove produces a product that is geared towards treating aging skin and hair, the commercial clearly portrays that aging women are beautiful without any enhancements. The final shot in the commercial is a link to their website where consumers can go to learn more about Dove’s pro-age product line. Perhaps Dove intends to reach out to the intellect of the mature female audience. Dove does not feed into the preconceived idea that older people cannot navigate or utilize the internet. Dove relies heavily on this website to provide detailed information on the product line, and where it can be purchase. It can be surmised that they promote empowering women, young and aging

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