Commentary on the Book of Matthew in the Bible

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Book Review: The Book of Matthew in the Bible With the Bible being the number one best-selling book worldly each year, chances are that at one point of your life or another you have at least heard of the name Jesus Christ, but have you ever wondered who exactly is this man called Jesus Christ and why is he so significant to so many people around the world? I have had the privilege to be raised in gospel since a very young age and still to this day there is so much I do not know about Jesus of Nazareth. When the opportunity came up that I had to do a book review on a historic figure the very first thing that popped in my head was of course Jesus Christ. I must admit I am by far not a book- worm by any means. I do not own any historic books or any novels for that matter simply because I do not enjoy reading. The thought of me even stepping into a library and walking around for hours searching for a book to read send chills down my spine, then one day it dawned on me that the only book I actually enjoy reading and the best book to learn more about Jesus was already in my room, The Bible! I already knew that the best place to really know more about Jesus Christ in the Bible are the gospels which includes Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John which are found in the New Testament. For this book review I chose just to focus on the book of Matthew simply because it mentions some important events about Jesus’ life starting from his birth up to his crucifixion and everything in between. I will be focusing on his birth, his ministry, and his death/resurrection. To begin this book review, I thought I should share some interesting facts about the book of Matthew. The name “Matthew” means gift of the Lord. Matthew was the son of Alphaeus and author o... ... middle of paper ... ...ani?" which means, "My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?",Three days after Jesus’ burial he rose from the dead. Everyone was truly in shocked and amazed by this miracle. The most significant of the miracles that occurred in the Bible was Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. It is truly astonishing the fact that His resurrection was predicted ahead of time. In conclusion after reading the book of Matthew not only did I get a better picture of Jesus but I also learn whole lot information about Jesus that I did not know before. I would definitely recommend this chapter of the Bible for anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus. Actually I would recommend people to read the Bible when they are searching for answers to their life problems. I know that they will find the solution they are searching for, if you have not gave Jesus a chance I honestly think you should.

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