Comedic Composition: Analyzing Each Aspect of Creating a Comedy Album

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Introduction: Every artist's dream is to have the world see their craft. For some, a canvas is their medium; for some, it's a stage to dance on. For comedians, the album is that blank slate to craft into their own. A comedian is given a recording opportunity and told to fill a certain period of time with their jokes. Every comic dreams of releasing an album; only few go out and reach that goal. I made my topic of interest stand-up comedy. This led directly into the making of a stand-up comedy album. I wasn't just going to go out, find some poor quality recorder and then record a low caliber album in front of 15 people. I wanted to put the best grade album out that I possibly could, as a high school senior. For me, this topic interests me because I've been a comedian for 2 years now, and I wanted to go through the experiences of creating an album. My essential question was, how can I get my name out in the comedy scene? Summary of Research: The process of making a comedy album requires many things that take time in order to be able to complete. The biggest component of a comedy album is the comedy, and if you aren't able to give the album enough comedy, you are going to ultimately be unable to produce a comedy album. Most comedians will tell you that it takes anywhere from five to seven years to get enough quality material to produce an album. To make a comedy album, you must get together 25-45 minutes of material. Then you need a stage to perform on, and equipment to record with. From there you need to advertise to draw a crowd to get a good amount of laughter on your jokes. A commonly over looked piece is to make sure you do plenty of practicing of the material. (Murphy) After recording the album, take it to the studio an... ... middle of paper ... ...t easier to spread your name, as the use of social media is crucial. Essentially, this project taught me about social media advertising, as well as advertising in general. It taught me how to create a comedy album, from the set-up, to the event itself, as well as post-production. This project gave me a very well rounded experience that will help me in many of my future endeavors. I feel that very few people can say that have a knowledge like this, and I think it will prove to be beneficial in the future. Works Cited Donahue, Ali. 8 Cool Comedy Clubs in Maine. Dispatch Magazine. 12 January 2013. Web. 16 October. 2013. Marley, Bob. Personal Interview. 21 September. 2013. McShane, Kevin. Permission Marketing. Marketing Comedy. 26 May, 2013. Web. 29 October, 2013. Murphy, Jeremiah. How to Make a Comedy Album, Part 1. Swamp Gas. 20 May, 2012. Web. 29 October, 2013.

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