Collaborations: A Designer's Celeb Appeal

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Society is changing physically, visually, and economically; which, in return, requires its inhabitants to think outside of the box. Designers have found the key solution through collaboration with celebrities, different brands, and ultimately with other designers. This is a trend that has been sweeping America and has only grown stronger. Collaborations are a trend throughout the entire design world and it continues to be a main theme throughout. Forever 21 is a startling company with almost two billion dollars a year in revenues, yet this revenue comes at a price for they have been sued more than fifty times by various designers who have claimed that Forever 21 has ripped off their designs. Trovata, Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Sui, Bebe, and Anthropology are just a few designers who have tried to bring lawsuits against forever 21, in all cases they lost. Now, Forever 21 is taking a hint from the designers over at H&M. They will be hosting a line this fall by designer Brian Lichtenberg who is notorious amongst celebrities and musicians. Brian will be putting in about fourteen or so...

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