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The Cold War began in 1946, shortly after WWII, and ended more than four decades later in 1991. It began with the shifting struggle for power and prestige between the Western hemisphere and the Soviet Union. The U.S. and President Harry Truman fear of communist attack and the Soviet Union need for a secure western border led to America’s effort in providing economic stability and security to nations of the Western hemisphere. In addition, President Truman began his “Get Tough” policy that encouraged the development of nuclear weapons for America to be securely defensive and well armed. The document, “Secretary of Commerce Henry A. Wallace Questions the “Get Tough” Policy” written by Secretary Wallace described America’s actions, “the effort to secure air base spread over half the globe from which the other half of the globe can be bombed,” which he felt America during the Cold War went “far beyond the requirements of defense.”Although, President Truman was determined to resist aggression, moreover, stop the spread of communism and Soviet power, the document was written to make the public and particularly President Truman realize that he himself used aggressive diplomacy that failed to notice the Soviet Union purpose and policy, which if he did understood, might have made better approaches in achieving his goals. The document was written in 1946, which was also the year the Cold War started. According to the document, for over thousands of years Russia has a history of attempts to resist invasion and conquest, because of the country’s lack of border on the western side. This allowed Hitler to invade Russia by surprise during the 1930s and the West to invade Russia between 1917 and 1920 and countless number of other attacks and... ... middle of paper ... ... Overall, Secretary Wallace believed that the U.S. was held more accountable for the Cold War and suggested possibilities for a different and peaceful direction than President Truman’s approach with the Soviet Union that might have, in spite of everything, prevent the Cold War from even occurring. He emphasized that President Truman’s relentless hostile towards communism was unable to make him grasp the reality of Stalin’s position in which the Soviet Union had the right to establish friendly regimes on the western border. Instead of trying to negotiate and accommodate with the Soviet Union, as Wallace wanted, the U.S. used power to force the Soviet Union in a defensive position, which left them no other choice, but to accept the Cold War. Thus, for this reason, the Cold War started and continued for over four decades when, nevertheless, could have been avoided.
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