Cognitive Behavior Therapy Case Study

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Behavioral approach is more so mental and shown by actions. You notice a lot of things on ones face and through their actions. If Jake is looking concerned, biting fingernails, avoiding eye contact, or even crying it wouldn’t take a long time for a psychologist to visually detect his distressed behavior may be connected to anxiety. When Jake goes to therapy there will be a lot of questions such as what persuades the anxiety and the nervous behavior and then stimulating it. He has to identify the problems for what they are, and answer in ways that actually calm, rather than worsen, your body and your attitude. Behavior doesn’t touch the mind, so treating anxiety with only behavioral methods wouldn’t be the best way to treat anxiety. Except if it’s paired with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy which is the thinking of negative thoughts and thinking in a more realistic and helpful manner. Humanistic approach is self-satisfying and, pressures the good in human behavior besides Jake may have not had a problem before college, and his anxiousness appeared to have started after he started taking ...

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