Cognitive Behavior Therapy And Emotional Therapy, Depression And Anxiety Therapy

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Family History: I come from a big, loving, catholic family. We are all very close and friendly to each other and to the ones around us. Making friends comes easy and we tend to treat everyone like family. We see the good in everyone and welcome anyone with open arms. Anxiety, depression and alcoholism do run on both the maternal and paternal sides of my family. I have not been medically diagnosed with either depression or anxiety but I do present signs and symptoms of both. Unfortunately, my family does not believe in medical intervention such as therapy and medication when it comes to mental stability. Due to my family’s beliefs in such things, it is hard to seek support when it comes to getting help and treatment from them. Onset: I…show more content…
My therapist recommended that I attend cognitive behavioral therapy and stress management, along with anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications. The cognitive behavioral therapy helps me to identify my thoughts and situations that trigger my depression and anxiety. Through cognitive behavioral therapy I have learned different techniques to help me relax and ease my anxiety. My therapist has challenged my thoughts and found ways to help me imagine the assault and remember details. After various sessions I have found that this has helped ease my PTSD symptoms and has helped me get through anxiety attacks and low times. Stress management has helped me to deal with different stressors in my life that may trigger my PTSD symptoms. These therapy sessions have provided me with the tools and techniques needed to relieve stress before allowing it to affect my everyday life and relationship with loved ones. The medications I was directed to take are anti-depressants and anti-anxiety. I was directed to take anti-depressants once daily, this helps to regulate my mood, sleep and how I interact with people. I take my anti-anxiety medications as needed, this helps me to relax when I feel like I am in a situation I can not handle. This medication helps slow down my central nervous system, relieve anxiety, and helps to be able to take deep breathes. Fortunately, this treatment plan is designed to gradually help me learn to use the tools and techniques to cope on my own without the need of therapy and medications. Which will help me to live a healthy and care free
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