Cognitive Approach To Racism Research Paper

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In this essay I am going to discuss the different definitions of racism according to behavioural approach, motivational approach, and cognitive approach. It inspects what serves the most effective approach to racism definition. My main part of the essay argues in favour of motivational approach which says that; racism is the action of inadequate consideration, caused and driven by the desire to be supreme that the other person, based on race alone. 20 years into Democracy, racism is still one of the greatest challenges South Africa is facing at the moment; of which we as agents of change need to eliminate it through reconciling the South African citizens with effective methods.
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Other people of a particular race (Whites) might be only hiring Asian or White people in their businesses because they have had bad experiences of their black employees being the ones who steal more most in the store than any other employees of a different race; now the prefer only working with Asians.
Both Blacks and Whites fail to provide equal attention, based on the fact of race alone because of their own preference, but not to harm or dominate over others. I argue that we cannot call either of those people racist because every person has certain individuals whom he/she feels comfortable being around them and we all have own different preferences, after all we are only humans …show more content…

Some of the white people felt the strong need to dominate, control, and hurt black people based on their race alone.
Cognitive approach is our third approach that presents a third definition of racism, explaining it as uneven deliberation, out of a belief in the weakness or disadvantage of another race. The definition of racism according to cognitive approach is also deficient. A person who truly believes that black people and white people are equal can start rejecting and questioning his belief if those holding the opposite view present evidence that white people are black people’s human inferiors.
A person who is a “cognitive racist” but willing to change his behaviour and attitude concerning the inequity of races, when he is presented with solid evidence that contradicts his beliefs, is not a real racist. But, a cognitive racist who does not want to change his beliefs even though he is provided with the evidence that contradicts his beliefs on the inferior and inequality of other races, is a true

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