Coal Mining Essay

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Coal mining in the 1920s was extremely difficult job in which miners endured many challenges and hardships. The 1920’s safety was not on everyone’s mind. It was as if the miners were just tools to be used. The equipment the miners used was a marvel for its time, as it was just the start to a technological advancement. Miners faced hardships such as low wages, long hours, and the difficulty of the work conditions.
Coal mining became popular in the 1920s because of the high demand for coal. People though that it would have been and easy life. It was not it was a hard life for people. The technology that the mines had on hand was not the best and it was also a great advancement for the time.(N.p., n.d. Web. )
How coal is formed is quite an interesting topic. It started over millions of years ago in ancient swamps when vegetation and trees died and formed peat (it is where vegetation builds up and turns into a super messy pile of stuff). This peat was eventually covered with either dirt or sand. As the peat is covered and pressure the gas that the peat gives off starts to get trapped in the new forming coal. Several years the peat now turns to rock known as coal. As the planetary plates shift the coal moves and forms pockets and runs in the earth. Then people came along and found out how to harness is power. People had to get the coal out of the earth. One way they found out how to get it out was to dig it out of the underground tunnels to find where the coal runs. Another way to get the coal is to strip mine the coal this is where the miners remove huge amounts of dirt to get to the coal. Both of these mining techniques are extremely dangers.
Miners are some of the hardest people on the planet. They face challenges and might even...

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...k. Coal was and is a big part of Kentucky’s history and still of life for family’s here.
Coal, coal, coal, it is everywhere, and in the 1920’s people found out how powerful it was. There was a great move to find and get as much coal they could. So many people packed up what they had and went to mine coal for a living, but soon found out that it was not a wonderful life. It was hard and tough life. People somehow found a way to survive in these old Kentucky hills. Mining has improved greatly over the years by the type of equipment they have produced and the new safety restrictions they have put in place but mining it is still a hard life. There are still challenges that they face every day. People overcome them and face the fear that comes with the. People come and go in this old Kentucky hill but what they do when they are here changes them forever.

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