Clothing from the 1790s to the 1900s

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Directoire and Empire Period which was between 1790 to.1820 at the time France had been suffering from poor Social and political instability which led to economic grievance that caused a revolution to break out in France in 1789 which resulted the end of the French monarchy .it wasn't until 1804 that the france was able to experience a prosperous French economy under the rule of napoleon. fashion styles began to develop symbolism as a way for individuals to express their views. the aristocratic revolutionaries, they wore trousers and a Bonnet rouge which is the " red cap of liberty" and the Sans culottes wore more dark colors as Ribero stated" it was easier to define what the san culottes wore than than what they were…the element of the working class, who supported the revolution ". as part of the working class that were supporter of the working class they wore trousers with a carmagnole jacket which was usually dark colored short or woolen cloth jacket . Costume for Women were still corsets, chemise and drawers as part of a women's undergarments. they had white pantalettes which were usually long and straight that was trimmed with rows of lace or tucks at the hem which was a quick craze for a short time. they also has wore High stomacher dresses which the bodice was sewn only to the back it also had wide side seams left open little below the waist which left the dress to be belted as means of clousure instead. they also had Habit shirts, a form of undershirt that was often placed under high stomacher dress. for outer agreement they had unisex jackets know as a spencer which ended at the waistline. anoter form was the pelisse that was usually a full-length empire waist silhouette coat. they had Day caps made fr... ... middle of paper ... ...n. we begging to see mens shoes being made out of Patent leather thats laced up with elastic sids. the shoes were usually made to be sturdy shoes for work purposes and functional uses. mens Mustaches has now turned into whiskers and beards. men still had Top hats like the fedoras which is now soft and the homburgs style hat. As a result the 19th century was all about the ethnological advances which resulted in creating better fabrics that were mow affordable. it was all-out the power looms that had replaced traditional hand looms. 19th century fashion also was changed due to various chemical processing that was done to textiles to achieve the effect of coloring and body by it treating with a chemical called sodium hydroxide that improved dyes and luster. towards the end of the 19th century the social factor has a great economic prosperity to the rest of the world.

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