Clocky, the Runaway Alarm Clock

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Based on the six branding goals, how did Nanda fail to sustain Clocky’s appeal? How might Nanda successfully brand her company and one of her products in a new market? Gauri Nanda’s innovative product Clocky combines fun and functionality into one. It was an immediate success with USD $2.2 million in revenue in its first year of sales. In 2008 the revenues decreased by 31.8% (USD $1.5 million) and again by 35% in 2009 (USD $990,000). The economic recession in 2008 induced consumers to cut back on non-essential costs but Nanda’s branding failures assisted in the flattening of sales. These failures will be reviewed based on two branding goals: awareness and image. In addition, recommendations will be given on how to successfully brand Clocky in the foreign market of Brazil. Prior to Clocky’s release Nanda was indecisive on positioning Clocky between two target markets. She also received heavy public attention without the support of a professional public relations consultant. Successfully rebranding Clocky in Brazil requires the country’s personality and culture to be incorporated into Nanda Home’s brand image. Creating an association with consumers creates a positive appeal. With this, a primary consumer base must also be targeted to develop clear awareness. Nanda should have created a better vision for herself by deciding between the “fun” and “need” market for Clocky in time. The “fun” market could have potentially led Clocky to be categorized as a “fad” product. The “need” market (people with difficulties in waking up due to narcolepsy and in general) was too small. A prompt awareness of a primary consumer base allows focus for the product, company and consumers. In Brazil, Clocky must be positioned appropriately and in ti... ... middle of paper ... ...'s largest city. Retrieved from Central Intelligence Agency. (n.d.). The World Fact Book - South America: Brazil. Retrieved from Agloinfo. (2014, March 14). Furniture, hardware and office supplies in Brazil. Retrieved from, Brazil My Country. (n.d.). Brazilian instruments – Brazilian musical instruments. Retrieved from Brazil Dance World. (n.d.). Dance styles. Retrieved from

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