Classical Liberalism And Modern Liberalism

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Looking into classical liberalism and modern liberalism it seems to be that there is very little difference between them. It almost feels like an, “are you Republican or a Democrat?” conversation. I think also the world “liberal” is used as a vulgar word or a put down. To me classical liberalism is focused on a limited form of government and has a main focus of the freedom of individuals. Whereas modern liberalism is focused on benefiting others as a whole with different programs. I would have to agree with modern liberalism more than classical liberalism. While the restriction of government involved with society in the long run would be better, short term it would hurt everyone I think. Thinking back at the last election debates Mitt Romney and Obama were discussing school loans and government loans. The question was asked how would students afford to go to college? Mitt Romney said that students would have to go to a bank and get a loan. When I heard that I thought that was impossible for banks to hand students loans. Without modern liberalism most people would not be able to get...
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