Christian Dislike of Obama

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Religion has always been an important part of America and America’s history, from the time the pilgrims travelled from their homelands, to now. Religion, especially Christianity, is a prominent force guiding nearly all aspects of American life. Religion is involved in societal issues, economics, and politics. Often times, it is a dominant factor in politics and can eliminate someone from any chance of a political career or it could have the opposite effect and boost someone to the top in politics. People often vote for candidates who will best represent them and if constituents want someone who is similar to them and feel will protect their religious liberties, they will likely vote for them as opposed to other candidates. This has caused a rift in America as of late because it appears as though there is a growing difference in opinions and mindsets of people across party lines. Due to this rift, democrats relate more to a liberal ideology whereas republicans are more conservative. Republicans have generally been more focused on candidates’ religion as opposed to democrats. Conservative republican focus on religion has hurt Obama in his support from church goers because they want a president in Washington who lives their life like many think a Christian should. Support for Obama among Christians has been mixed.
A liberal is generally defined as someone who looks more to themselves and their personal knowledge when deciding what is right or wrong. They would rather be free to experience life on their own and not be dependent on an external authority when making decisions. Conservatives however generally tend to live more traditionally, which means that they would rather continue living in a way that is similar to how past generatio...

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...onflicts after the September eleventh attacks on the twin towers in New York City, which led to wars. The attacks on American land intensified Christian distrust and prejudice against Islam. Lastly, Christians would not trust Obama if he came out as a Muslim because during the presidential race he declared himself a Christian and if that was found out to be not true, that would mean that a major position that the president ran on was false and would lead people to not trust him more than they previously had. Also, a small portion of the American population has spread the narrative that Obama is a Muslim. And since the September eleventh attacks, some Americans have held a negative stereotype of people of the Islamic faith. Since they look at Islam and associate it with terrorism, those who believe that Obama could possibly be a Muslim are wary about trusting him.
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