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The Greek civilization developed the concept of human supremacy and responsibility into a worldview. Especially, the Classical Ideal is begin from 500 B.C.E. to 399 B.C.E. of the Golden Age Athens, and it created the higher class of art, architecture, and the philosophy of ancient Athens. The classical is the the creativity of the Greek that combined the resources, peace time period, and the ideal based on the Greek culture. These classical ideal showed the different world of art, architecture, the philosophy and they used the inherent abilities to created the beautiful mind, beautiful body.
Firstly, the classical ideas of Greek architectures included Doric order, Ionic order and Corinthian order. The structures based on 3 main divisions that are the Stepped platform, the Column, and the Entablature. The Stepped platform can be the stereobate and stylobate, the column contained the doric, shaft, flutes, capital, echinus, and abacus, the entablature includes all the horizontal elements that rest on the columns. Another thing that from classical ideal is the architrave that is stone lay above the capital, and the Frieze of metopes triglyphs. In Golden Age Athens period, they always built the architectures as the same of classical ideal, because Athenians believed that the classical ideal is spiritual and it can protect them from natural disasters such as storm, flood, or earthquake. This classical ideal pursuit of excellence and perfection demonstrate itself in the architecture, there are many amazing architectures such as the Parthenon temple , the Erechtheum, and the temple of Apollo at Bassae. Beside that, the Golden Age Athens developed the stoa.
For example of architecture, The Parthenon temple was the great...

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...d that everything based on perception which is Rationalism . He is the pupil of Plato, so his philosophy have the common with Plato.
At the final point, the classical period of Greek had leave many amazing things that showed the powerful independent civilization and the unique styles of art, architecture, and the philosophy. In the short time, the Greek artists explored a succession of new ideas to produce a body of work in every medium from pottery and painting to sculpture and architecture that exhibits a clear stylistic and technical direction toward representing the visual world as we see it. About the philosophy, the Greek gave many philosophy that modern people still use it as the Democracy in the United State. I think this civilization been very wealthy and intelligent. They are ancestor of people that created so many imposing and intellectual things.
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