Greek Architecture in Washington DC

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The very basis of American architecture, as displayed by the monuments on buildings in Washington DC, has its very roots in classical Greek architecture. Many of the most distinct and easily recognizable buildings in our capital have roots of Greek architecture. Although many Americans think that they do not know or have not seen Greek architecture, most have. Greek architecture does not only influence our capital, but also many of our major cities, as well as buildings in our local towns. The widespread use of Greek architecture is an acclaim to the magnificent style of the architecture.
Greek architecture is one of the most commonly used and recognizable styles in the world. Many major cities across the world, both ancient and modern, used this style of architecture. There are many styles of Greek architecture, and these styles were created at different times within the Greek culture. During the time period when Washington DC was beginning to expand into a major city, there was a revival of Greek architecture. DC used a variety of Greek styles, which can be seen displayed in many of the most famous buildings in the city.
One reason why Greek architecture flourished was because of the rules and regulations established in Washington DC, starting in the late nineteenth century. In 1910, the Height of Buildings Act was passed, which said that buildings could not exceed 130 feet in height, or be any wider than the street that they were on, plus twenty feet. These restrictions fostered the design of Greek architecture. This height restriction eliminated the building of skyscrapers, which was becoming popular at this time. Since Greek Architecture was tailored more towards shorter structures than large, tall buildings, it found a hom...

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...fluence of Greek architecture in our buildings today. This style of architecture would not be used if it were not for the beauty, practicality, and magnificence of the style.

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