Civic Engagement In College

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Without an engaged citizenry, democracy will collapse. Conventional civic engagement has declined in the last three decades (Syvertsen et al 586). This includes voting, volunteering for a campaign, and giving money to a cause. These activities are all essential for a democracy to function successfully, and it should concern the American public that civic engagement is declining. Students who take college-level civics classes that incorporate real community involvement are more likely to vote and have lower levels of political alienation than those who do not (Youniss 102). The first step that Brookhaven College can take toward reversing this problem is offering a civics class that leverages the existing Service Learning program.
Young people are an indicator for the future of democracy, and social change occurs when young people assume their civic duties and replace the older group as voters and leaders (Syvertsen et al 589). Although youth may support human rights and social justice ideals in principle, they usually do not engage in any tangible effort to affect social change (Ry...

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