Cinema Movement Essay

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Movement is undeniably one of the most important parts of cinema without it we wouldn 't be calling them “movies”. An often overlooked part of the art of cinema, if done well it can make a scene even more impactful and convey as much information as dialogue can about how the character is thinking and feeling. On of the elements of movement that makes it so important to the art is its ability to completely change the meaning of a scene just by changing the position of the camera. “A director can photograph the same subject—a running man, for example—in two different setups and produce opposite meanings. If the man is photographed in an extreme long shot from a high angle, he will seem ineffectual and impotent. If he’s photographed from a low angle in a medium shot, he will seem a dynamo of energy. A lthough the subject matter in each setup is absolutely identical, the true content of each shot is its form” (understanding movies 99).
This example from our books shows how by changing the angle of the shot it can mean two completely different things. The filmmaker can also use movement to distort the image speeding it up and slowing it down. Adding to the tension or suspense of the scene or for comedic purposes. Speeding up the movements of a character in a comedy makes his movements seem unnatural machine like and unnatural.(understanding movies 129). There are so many ways that movement can be used to add to
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Of course it can, movement just like any other technique in cinema can add or subtract from the impact a film can have on audiences. Just like good cinematography or editing movement is just as good for adding something more to a film. While not as noticeable and often overlooked by the audience, movement is great for adding subtle touches to a scene. Just the type of shot can add to the tone. If the shot is taken from a handheld the shakiness can suggest something big or epic is about to
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