Cinderella Archetypes

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Cinderella is not the same happy ending or everyone lives happy ever after type of story around the world. One thing that will always be in a Cinderella story is the evil step-mother. However, there are very different type of endings in both archetypes of Cinderella. The ideas of a fairy god mother in both cultures is every interesting, too. There are many similarities in the Vietnam and French archetypes about Cinderella, such as the evil step-mother, but also differences like what happens at the end of the story or how the fairy god mothers both help in different ways. To begin with, the wicked step mother both tried to ruin Tam and Cinderella’s lives. Both step mothers were both newlyweds. They both were very jealous of their step daughter, because they were more beautiful and humble. Each step mother thought that their own child was better and superior to Tam and Cinderella. They forced them both to work all day and all night, also made them sleep in the most unthinkable, dirty, and filthy places you could think of. For …show more content…

The French Cinderella is much more happy and less morbid than the Vietnam version. As you can see Cinderella said “That she forgave them with all her heart” (Perrault).In the French version of Cinderella she was much more forgiving. Vietnam version was not very happy ending for her step sister nor step mother because of the awful things they did too poor Tam. Tam told Cam if she wanted to be as beautiful as her she would have to jump into a pot of boiling water, which, killed Cam and she didn’t even otter a word. When the step mother heard her daughter Cam had died she cried until she was blind and later died of a broken heart. The French Cinderella is definitely more of a story you would want to tell your children compared to the Vietnam which is darker spin on the story. Not only do the end of stories differ from each other, but so do the god mothers

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